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The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: You might start to doubt yourself week, you might start to feel lost, you might wonder what you’re doing. This is not the worst thing. This is a week for strange growth, for opening yourself up. It’s a week for asking for love when you need it, for asking for help when you need it, for letting other people surprise you. Listen to the radio. Listen to the sounds of your city. You won’t be alone, even when you feel a little shaky on your own feet. You can be understood, even when wild inside your head.

Taurus: This week your whole world can be in motion in the best kind of way. This week the air around you can feel fresh and clean; this week your whole body can feel new. You’ll be able to rediscover hidden reserves of strength inside yourself, you’ll be able to rediscover the bright gold at your core, you’ll be able to find precious things that you thought you’d lost. You can quiet your bad thoughts, this week. You can believe in so many kinds of magic. You can believe in so many kinds of love.

Gemini: This week, if you need it, you can find so much brightness in the sky, you can find so much funny warmth in your heart, you can find enough goodness to live on. You can find enough strange quiet joys to keep your heart beating, to keep the blood flowing through your veins, to keep your dreams full of color. Just keep your eyes open, just don’t stay inside all day, and you can find love that will move you, love as hot as the sun, love as sweet as a song.

Cancer: In the warm soft days ahead, there is going to be so much magic available to you, more than you know, more than you can even imagine. There’s going to be so much you can see, so much you can do, so much in the air. You can let your days fill with color, you can let your nights fill with song, you can charm every person around you, you can fill your own heart with weird bright joy. Try to believe in your own powers. Try to believe in your own body.

Leo: This week, the world is going to open up for you. This week, your world is going to fill with light. You’re capable of so much more than you think; you have so many more choices than you can see. This week you can find all the tools that you need to build the life you want. You can find new roads, new pathways, new doors. You can find the people you need the most, right now. Get a new haircut. Get a new pair of shoes. Get a library card. Get a bus ticket to go somewhere weird.

Virgo: This is going to be a week for motion, it’s going to be a week for blue skies and sunshine and highways, it’s going to be a week for traveling with only the things that you need. You don’t have to carry every sorrow with you. You don’t have to keep every piece of doubt all locked up in your heart. It’s okay to leave these things behind, sometimes. It’s okay to forget, sometimes. It’s okay to watch the moon change shape and the clouds move across the sky. It’s okay just to keep living.

Libra: This week, when you don’t know what to do or when you don’t know where you’re going, try to let yourself be moved by desire. Let the things that you want map out your way; let them light up the path. It can be hard to want so much, but the wanting can guide you. The wanting can fuel you if you don’t hide from it, if you don’t keep it locked up. Let your thoughts wander and keep your heart open. Try to remember your wildest good dreams.

Scorpio: This week, the light might change or the wind might shift; this week, there can be so much room for you to grow, for you to make choices, for you to keep moving. You don’t have to move fast and you don’t have to know where you’re going, just don’t stand still for too long. Try to use your time to build the life you want in the world you want. Try to treat your life like weird magic thing that it is. Try to keep filling your heart with joy.

Sagittarius: This week it can be easy to get restless. It can be easy to get a little lost in thoughts of all the different lives you could be living, all the changes you could make, all the places you could go. This can be thrilling and bright, but it can get overwhelming so fast. It can make you forget about the life you’re living. Try to keep your heart open to the place where you live. Try to be there for the people you love. Try to remember your own feet on solid ground.

Capricorn: The world might seem too full of heaviness this week; the world might feel like a weird airless place. It’s so easy to forget your own powers, when the world feels this way. It’s so easy to forget all the ways you can make your own light. You can paint your walls yellow, you can paint your nails gold, you can just keep breathing. Let this be a week of resistance. Let this be a week of strength. Let this be a week for living well and staying kind in this big strange world.

Aquarius: The world around you might seem very wild, this week. The sky above you might seem too big or too bright. The road in front of you might look too long, too strange, too dark. It’s all going to be okay, and all you have to do right now is keep living, however you can. You don’t have to worry about everything in your life, right now. You don’t have to worry about futures and stories and plans. Just drink enough water. Get enough sleep. Call your friends when you need them. Eat foods that make you strong.

Pisces: This week, when you most need it, you’ll be able to find a small place inside of you that’s as hard as a diamond and as bright as the sun. This week, when it really matters, you can find a corner of your heart that truly knows your own worth, that can protect your from all darkness. This is a week for believing in your own bright magic. This is a week for standing up against everything that would have you stay quiet and everything that would have you be small.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.


it took me 10 years to realized his head went into the shape of a leg

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during cummies ∩(︶▽︶)∩

No cummies for you tonight kitten now straight to bed with you

(╯ಊ╰) but daddy…im so squishy…it tingles daddy..im sticky..

Use mr fluffy baby until I get home from work and maybe I’ll give you cummies

( ´∀`)Thank you daddy! baby cant wait for cummies!!



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I was scared, Tired and under prepared.

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Bad News // Kanye West

Didn’t you know 
I was waiting on you
Waiting on a dream 
That’ll never come true

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This song is everything.


Hilarious dancing reactions to “You are NOT the father!” on Maury

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you wanna see a disaster?


play the cha cha slide around a bunch of white folks and wait until the part where the dude goes “cha cha now real smooth”

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